Feeling Minnesota

I LOVE Minnesota.  Last night I returned from a quick trip to the land of 10,000 lakes  where we saw the Vikings roll over the Giants in US Bank Stadium.

I grew up in Minnesota.  As I was there with my brothers and a nephew, the memories came flooding back.  It’s sometimes odd the things that you remember.  Some are big things, but many are little things.

I thought about being a little boy, and the tree swing that my dad made for me out of an old tire.  I thought about being a teenager, and I cringed  (then laughed) when I remembered the same behavior I now occasionally see in my own teenage children.  I thought about the fall leaves, boating, digging snow forts, and ice skating.  I thought about the Minnesota State Fair.  I thought about Wayzata High School.

I thought about a previous Monday Night Football game I saw in the old Metrodome.  Jim McMahon torched the Vikings secondary after halftime to overcome a huge deficit and win the game.  I remembered that I cried afterward.  Perhaps it’s more appropriate to say that I sobbed after that game.

US Bank Stadium is incredible.  I loved every minute of the last 48 hours.  The Mall of America is still great.  I bought an old school Minnesota North Stars hat.

I could remember many things about Minnesota.  What was most surprising to me was the emotion.  Not for the places or the things, but for the people.

I thought about my mom and dad.  I thought about family and friends.  I thought about the people I was with, and I thought about people I haven’t seen in years (or decades).  I’m grateful for each of them.  Time has a way of healing wounds, erasing any pain, and leaving the positive experiences in place.

I probably haven’t said this to many of you reading this, but thank you.


  1. Matt, what a perfect little stroll down memory lane. wonderful blog on all that is Minnesota. The biggest connection you and I had was greeting each other at 6 am- probably a memory needing some suppression on those cold, dark mornings!! The best to you. Matt. Bonnie Bemis

  2. Hi Bonnie! It’s so great to hear from you! You always made those early mornings more bearable with your warm smile. You had a larger positive influence on me than you can imagine. Thank you! I hope you are well!

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