My Final Days At The Road Home

It has been my honor and privilege over the last five or six years to serve on the Board of Trustees for The Road Home, the largest homeless shelter in Utah.  I even spent a year as Board President.  It has been a wonderful experience, but I have made the decision that next week is the right time for me to officially leave the board.  Several weeks ago, I sent the following letter to the current leaders of Road Home board as well as the executive leadership of the organization:

Dear Friends –

It is with a heavy heart that I let you know I have decided to leave the Road Home board at the next annual meeting.  While not necessary, I’d like to offer a couple of thoughts as a way of explaining.

First, there has been no reduction in my affection and admiration for each of you, the entire board, and The Road Home organization.  I remain completely committed to the mission we serve, and the positive role our organization has, is, and will play in our community.  I still strongly believe that the best days of The Road Home are ahead of us. 

Second, this has nothing to do with any recent political announcements, or decisions that have been made by any other organization.  It has been made after months of thought about the realities of my own responsibilities and related time pressures.

Finally, as you know, I strongly believe that if somebody is on a board then they need to be in a position to do their best in support of that organization and help out to the best of their abilities.  For many years, I have done my best to offer my meager talents to The Road Home.  My association with each of you has brought great joy to my heart.  I confess to a certain amount of pride as I drive on the freeway past Midvale and see our beautiful building standing as a refuge to those families that desperately need it.  Unfortunately, time pressures in my personal and professional life continue to mount, and I feel at a loss on how to continue balancing everything.  Over the last six months I have been unable to dedicate the time to The Road Home that I believe board membership demands and The Road Home deserves.

Please know that while I will no longer be your associate on the board of The Road Home, I will always be a strong advocate and friend.   

Thank you for your understanding and thank you for your friendship.

With love, appreciation, and the hope that God will continue to bless each of you

Matt Willes

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