National Puppy Day

“Remember, it’s not how I look on the outside, but how I feel on the inside that matters” – My desperate attempts, while smiling, to remain aloof when we got our puppy

Last winter, my wife Katie insisted that we get a puppy.  The kids named her Tesla, and I started joking about how I’d rather have the car.  Of course, I had to express skepticism about the plan all along and suggest that I would be the one who had to take care of her which would place a huge additional burden on me.

Tesla has one job to do in our family – lick the face of whoever might be feeling down.  This went on for so long the other night that Katie started joking that she was getting jealous.

Usually, Tesla follows me around the house, barks at people when they come to the door (a bad habit she picked up when we were out of town), and generally sits around looking cute.  Today, we just finished eating scrambled eggs together.

True confession: I love Tesla, and can’t imagine our family without her.

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