Unshakeable: A Thank You Letter For Tony Robbins

I have made a decision – an important decision, at least for me.

I have decided that today is the beginning.

Starting today, I will do whatever it takes to live in a “beautiful state” rather than a “suffering state.”

If you know what I’m talking about, then you’re familiar with Tony Robbin’s excellent new book, “Unshakeable.”

The first eight chapters are about financial freedom – an important topic – and contained some good reminders for all of us – even a professional investor like me.

The last chapter is about true wealth, and had Katie and I in tears as I was reading sections to her.

I have been blessed with a terrific family – concerned and loving parents, a beautiful and caring wife, and four wonderful children.  My family is more important to me than anything else.  I have also been blessed with a career that I love and provides enough financial resources for some comfort and security.  I always assumed that my sphere of influence would be larger than it is, but I am shocked by how much gratitude I feel for my small, wonderful corner of this world.

However, I have not been immune to periods of darkness in my life.  I have felt stress (fear), sadness, and even the dark cloud of depression hanging over me.  I have been confused about how to proceed in my life, felt a lack of desire to even get out of the dark state, and felt totally hopeless.  During these times I have stopped doing things that I enjoy and stopped being sensitive to the people that I love most.  In other words, during these times I’ve largely stopped living.

I have always been told some variation of, “Matt, you can’t control your surroundings, but you can control your response to your surroundings.”  However, the message never sank in until I finished, “Unshakeable.”

Tony Robbins – Thank You!

I am totally dedicated to living in a “beautiful state.”  I will do whatever it takes.

I am doing it for my good parents to try and honor the wonderful legacy they have given me.

I am doing it for Katie – the love of my life – who deserves a happier spouse.

I am doing it for my children with the hope that my example will encourage them to find their own beautiful states.

I am doing it for myself because I refuse to live in a “suffering state” any longer.

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