Since 2013, we have invested over $30 Million in private companies based in the Mountain West.  These investments have supported approximately 5,000 jobs.  Here are a few of our partners!


We worked with Business Promotion’s commercial bank and provided additional working capital for this fast growing company.







We helped provide a subordinated loan that the company used for working capital.


Cxp logo
Large and growing extremely fast, Connexion Point needed to fund continued growth and restructure their balance sheet as a bridge to longer term financing.


Fetzer Banner Logo 4-8-2015
We helped provide working capital during a difficult time for the company.  Now it has never been stronger!


We provided some long-term working capital to support current growth and future acquisitions.






Persnickety was growing rapidly, and the bank couldn’t keep up.  We stepped in and helped fuel their growth.


Our financial support of Precision Time was consistent across a number of years and capital rounds.





Under Canvas Logo
Glamping is our type of camping! We provided Under Canvas a short term bridge loan to help with the construction of their new site outside Zions National Park.  We continued this support through multiple financing rounds.










We helped fuel the rapid growth at Vantage by stepping in when the banks wouldn’t.






We helped Zylun streamline their balance sheet, and provided some working capital for the business.