Scout Camp Damage Report, part 1

Scout Camp.  Sometimes we laugh so we don’t cry.

Despite having access to a great cabin across the lake from my second son’s scout camp, I am sleeping in a tent in an effort to try and be a good dad.  I’m doing everything possible to help the boys have a good time during their downtime by taking them tubing, surfing, etc.  You would think this type of effort would normally be rewarded in the general scheme of things.  It doesn’t feel like it. Here is a report from the first 36 hours:

  • The lid popped off a container, and a gallon of water spilled in the back seat of the car (no problem, it’s my daughters car – sorry Paige)
  • While tubing, the pylon holding the ropes somehow slipped out and was lost to the depths of the lake (replacement has been ordered)
  • I discovered a birds nest (see pictures below), including eggs, on top of the speaker of my boat.  My first thought was to give it a Viking funeral, but I didn’t trust myself with the flame (bye, bye, birdie)
  • While tubing, the shell of my brothers tube ripped in about twelve directions.  His tube is now in four pieces (congratulations on your new tube, Keith)
  • My other son left his phone at a restaurant (it was successfully recovered).  While trying to drown our sorrows in chocolate milkshakes at the restaurant, my phone slipped out of my pocket, and fell to the ground shattering the screen (when does the iPhone 7 come out again?)

I confess that I’ve had enough of scout camp.  There is only one reason that I am here – I love my boys.


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