Two Services I Would Buy Today If They Were Available

Today I voted.  I voted today because I am finished with this election.  I voted for those I believe are most qualified for the offices they are running to occupy.  I voted for those I believe will be the best leaders of my community, my state, and my country.  However, I’m even tired of hearing from those candidates that received my vote (no confirmation bias here, thanks).  Accordingly, there are two services that I would gladly pay real money for today … if they were available.  I believe that I am not alone.

  1. A Mute Button For My Mail – I still love to watch Seinfeld on television, and recently I saw the one where Kramer tries to cancel his mail because he is tired of getting the Pottery Barn catalogs.  I believe the amount of political direct mail pieces clogging my mailbox are a form of harassment.  Somebody needs to explain to me why I can’t pay the post office $50 a year to block all direct mail advertising to my mailbox (including political advertisements).  I would think the post office could set this up in a month if they wanted.  They need the money.  What’s the problem?  Ok, they want me to pay $100?  Done.  Let’s do this.
  2. Alternate Television Channel’s – Perhaps the media content and distribution people should stop arguing with each other about the merits or lack thereof of the cable bundle and provide a better solution.  Would I pay an additional $100 to be able to watch my favorite cable channel’s over the next month if ALL political advertising and discussion was blocked on those channel’s?  Absolutely!  Why Disney (ESPN) isn’t already doing this is totally beyond me.  They are looking for ways to go “over the top” of the cable companies anyway.  Let me subscribe to the same content minus the political ads if I’m already a subscriber to the paid service.  Somebody should run this experiment.  I’ll be the beta tester if you’d like.

When the government passed the “Do Not Call” law to restrict unwanted solicitations on our home phone they naturally exempted themselves.  They are the reason I no longer answer my home phone.

Now that I have voted, I’d gladly pay more to avoid the rest of this election entirely.

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