Senior Night

I’m getting old.  Last night was our oldest child’s last home volleyball game – Senior Night.  For Paige, it was a wonderful evening and celebration of a meaningful part of her life over the last few years.  For me, it was a reminder that time marches ever forward.  I’ve been thinking today about gratitude, and would like to express some appreciation.

First, I’m grateful for The Waterford School.  Nancy Heuston, and others, somehow managed to institutionalize many of the qualities we try to create in our own home.  The Waterford community provides a safe and supportive learning environment where our children are gently encouraged to be the best versions of themselves.  Forgiveness is quickly given when mistakes are made.  We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to be able to associate with The Waterford School.

Second, a current presidential candidate wrote a book many years ago about the influence many can have on an individual.  In many circles, the author was ridiculed.  Personally, I’m extremely grateful for the friends, teachers, and coaches that have a positive influence on my children – there are many.  They purposefully give their most precious assets (time, knowledge, wisdom, etc) so that my children can be better people.  Thank You.

Finally, I am grateful for Paige (who seems to love reading everything – except my blog)!  Our oldest child is simply wonderful – repeatedly demonstrating intelligence, empathy, humor, forgiveness, beauty, strength, confidence, kindness, friendship, and many other admirable qualities.  However, I don’t love her because of those things.  Simply stated, I just love Paige – completely and unconditionally.

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