QB: What I Learned From Steve Young

I’ve been blessed more than I deserve.

Talent (or luck) will only get me so far – the rest is hard work.

I love my wife.

I want to become the best version of myself.

I need to be more patient and understanding with those in my life who are struggling with various emotional/mental health challenges.


While I could go on, the statements above were my most recurring thoughts while reading Steve Young’s (with Jeff Benedict) excellent book QB: My Life Behind The Spiral.

Perhaps the largest takeaway is that life isn’t easy for any of us.  There are always challenges, and sometimes the hardest difficulties are those that aren’t visible.  It’s easy to assume that life has been ideal for Steve Young – star quarterback, MVP, Super Bowl Champion, successful businessman, rich, beautiful family, etc.  However, the common thread through this book is an optimistic, but realistic, view of life as a fight to overcome obstacles.  That’s how we achieve excellence.  That’s how we become the best versions of ourselves.  Specifically, I found his openness about struggling with anxiety to be very compelling.

I find it easy to complain about the struggles in my life.

I need to express more love and gratitude.

I can be better.

I will be better.


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