Farewell To A Great Summer

Despite some tears (ok, I was sobbing), our oldest is away at college.  Our three other kids start school tomorrow.  It is time to reflect on what has been a terrific summer.

This summer we laughed, and did I mention that I cried?

I finished my first ever scrapbook for Paige – It was a ton of work, and the finished product is pathetic compared to what Katie usually produces.  However, it was a joy to do.  My heart overflowed with gratitude for Paige, and the opportunity I’ve had to watch her grow over the last 18 years.  I confess that I’m lonely with her away at college.  I love her completely and unconditionally.

I joined our local country club (yes, I’m probably having a mid-life crisis), and I finally surfed behind our boat.

James got his drivers license – which had more to do with wanting to go on dates than anything else.  James and Paige both did humanitarian work in Ecuador – I’m incredibly proud of both of them.

However, the highlight for me was our trip to the Mediterranean.  I’ll need to write more specifically about different aspects of it, but it was awesome.

Overall, I came home from our trip with an overwhelming sense of gratitude.  I’m grateful for my family – they are more important to me than anything else in this world.  I’m grateful for our country (and that we don’t need to pay to use the bathroom), the freedom that we enjoy, and all those who have sacrificed to provide it.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from people in other countries and cultures.  Most of all, I am grateful for the many blessings I have received.

Somewhere around all the travel this summer I managed to get a little work done!

Now I need to get serious and get a LOT of work done.

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