A couple months ago I announced to my 10 year old that I had a “new” phone for her.

She was excited, until I handed her my original iphone.

She looked up and said, “What is that?”

“It’s a true classic,” I replied.

We all had a good laugh.

Apple launched the original iphone 10 years ago (yesterday) when my daughter was almost 1.  It’s a good reminder that we inhabit a world full of obsolescence.  The newest thing is really, really cool and great right up until the point where it isn’t.  Then it’s a surprisingly short amount of time until the former “greatest thing” is totally obsolete.

The reality is that in today’s workplace we are all at risk of obsolescence.  A friend reminded me recently of Christopher Risso-Gill’s excellent book, “There’s Always Something to Do.”  I really enjoyed the book (then I gave it to my nephew), and I repeat the title to myself everyday.

There IS always something to do.  We will quickly realize we are being left behind if we aren’t continually learning, innovating, and evolving.  In the investment world, the fundamental principals remain the same, but the tactics continually change.  Old strategies are replaced with new opportunities.

I loved my original iphone.  However, it is completely obsolete.

I work hard everyday to make sure I don’t suffer the same fate.


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