SKOL VIKINGS, Part 2: No Early Celebrations

There is a great tendency in life to celebrate a victory as early as possible – even before victory is achieved.


Early celebrations create the worst type of risk (low probability, extreme intensity).

Take Sean Payton (picture from @jrfortner).  The coach celebrated his big playoff win too early and decided he would mock the Vikings fans with their own chant.  What a fool…

I wrote the other day about my years of agony as a Vikings fan.  What I didn’t write about was the following:

The time the Cowboys invented the Hail Mary against us.

Blair Walsh.

Darren Nelson.

Gary Anderson.

Oh, and Sean Payton putting a bounty on Brett Farve’s head legs.

As a Vikings fan, I have been reminded again and again NOT to celebrate too early.

I waited a day to write about Sunday’s game because I wasn’t sure who the goat (all lowercase) was.  Now, it’s obvious…

Sean Payton.

It feels so good to have one of these games go our way.  I’m content.

In unrelated news, the stock market seems to go up every single day.  It feels great!  The stock market will be open again tomorrow, and it feels like it will never go down again.

I’ll be thinking about Sean Payton and the Minnesota Miracle.

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