Q1 Update

We had a surprise snowstorm yesterday.  While I’m ready for spring (and summer), it isn’t too late to look back on the first quarter.

Overall, the first quarter was terrific (and I’m not just talking about our Hawaiian vacation).

After closing six deals during 2017 our pace slowed down in the first three months of 2018 when we closed one new deal.  However, it’s a terrific investment and the largest deal we have ever done.

Deal flow remains robust.  What’s especially encouraging is the quality of our deal flow is also good.  I hope my banking friends will correct me if I’m wrong, but if feels like commercial banks are being a little more selective in the deals they are doing.  The economy is good, and businesses are anxious to expand.  That combines to be a great environment for us.

Finally, yes, we had a terrific vacation in Hawaii.  It was great to see Paige (and meet her new boyfriend).  It was great to sit on the beach.  It was great hiking the volcano (see above).  It was great.

On to another happy and successful quarter!

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