On My Dad

A couple of months ago Jeff Benedict wrote a nice piece about my Dad on his blog at JeffBenedict.com.  Obviously, I agree.

As I have (hopefully) matured over the years, I’ve gained a greater admiration for my Dad in many ways.  This Father’s Day, one in particular stands out to me and is worth emulating.

Before Dad was a media executive he was a senior executive at General Mills.  It was this time that corresponded with my childhood.  At the same time Dad was President of General Mills, he was also the senior local leader of our church.  That he held both responsibilities simultaneously (along with his other various responsibilities) is not amazing to me.

For me he was always just … Dad.

Yes, he was busy and I didn’t see him as often as I’d like.  but then I became a teenager and I saw him more often than I wanted.

What is incredible to me is that throughout my childhood I was peacefully oblivious to the pressures and strains that my father felt from his various responsibilities.  Even in hindsight, my dad acted as a huge buffer between me and influences pressing upon him.

I never realized he was doing it until recently as I have tried to shield my own children from the everyday pressures of my own responsibilities (mine are not even a fraction of what my father experienced).

Please don’t mistake what I’m saying, I had a wonderful childhood and our family has enjoyed many advantages in this life (many largely because of my father’s hard work).  However, every experience is different, and into every life comes challenges, pressure, and feelings of strain.

My Dad protected me from all of his.

I believe it was the greatest act of unconditional love that he could have given me.

Dad, thank you.

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