“Black Edge” and Life’s Priorities

“It is the policy of the Department of Justice to reduce crime in America, and addressing violent crime must be a special priority.” – Attorney General Jeff Sessions in a March 8th memo

Black Edge is a wonderful book.  Of course, it didn’t hurt that I read it while overlooking a Hawaiian beach.  Regardless of where it is read, it is fascinating and entertaining.  It is written very well and reads like fiction.  However, Sheelah Kolhatkar obviously spent years diligently researching for this book.

While reading Black Edge, I was struck by the importance of priorities in this life.  There are things that are appealing to many of us – money, respect, security, fame, accolades, etc.  Some are willing to sacrifice other important things to obtain what they want at any cost.  Some are even willing to lie, cheat, and steal.  Others are willing to largely look the other way while they do it.  I thought about this when the quote above from our Attorney General appeared on the front page of Yahoo Finance this morning.

Several years ago, Katie and I were in New York where we saw the shark “created” by Damien Hirst and owned by Steve Cohen.  I thought it was great, but I think about it differently today after reading Black Edge.  For me, it’s not quite as cool.

I had the opportunity yesterday to try and help one of my children who is dealing with some challenges.  Overall, I’m extremely comfortable with my priorities in life.

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